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Minitool power recovery 18-07-2019 76.57%
Powermockup 18-07-2019 81.39%
Nuance.power.pdf.standard.v1.2.incl.keymaker 15-07-2019 76.34%
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Apowermanager v3.2.4.5 30-06-2019 81.87%
Nuance power 29-06-2019 85.35%
Powerinspect 27-06-2019 80.15%
Powerfactory 2019 23-06-2019 83.89%
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Power cd g player pro v1.0.22 20-06-2019 79.56%
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Power 26-01-2019 80.85%
Power dvd 24-01-2019 82.10%
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DIgSILENT PowerFactory 14-01-2019 83.82%
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uniblue powersuite 2016 05-12-2018 83.70%
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